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Expo Fotomuseo in Bogotá 2014

Work In Progress expo in Montréal 2009

Work In Progress expo in London 2005

Work In Progress expo in Ste-Thérèse 2005

Montréal - Canada - Eleanor London Library - 2009

In February 2009 took place in Montréal at the Eleanor London Library an exhibit of ten of the look-alikes photos. This was a WIP ( work in progress ) expo meant to show to the people of Montreal some of the pictures from the project and see how they would react. The reaction was very good, some people having a hard time believing the models were not related, since some of them look pretty much the same.

The images were quite big, 140 x 110cm in size, so the public would see them very well. 

Expo entrance

François in front of main wall

The expo was organized by Michel Hébert and finalized by Clara Halpern and Dolores Guttierez, both from the library.

Dolores Guttierez and Clara Halpern

They had asked François to give a lecture during the vernissage evening. The main topic of it was a description of the look-alike project from its beginings to the mini-expo.

François Brunelle in his studio

The big prints were made digitaly but on first quality fiber paper, imitating perfectly the prints from a time past. François is seen here putting the final touch to a mounted print.